Greece - A Country Like No Other

Why is it that Greeks living abroad try to hold on to their heritage so much? Try to visit every opportunity they get? Invest in summer homes given the opportunity? This is because the love that Greeks living abroad have for the motherland is so strong. This is why GPE360.com was created - to serve the property needs of Greeks and lovers of Greece living abroad.


Greek Nationals Living Abroad - A Powerful Connection

GPE360.com was created not only to provide clarity to the real estate process to people within Greece, but to bring an international real estate platform to those Greeks living abroad and those interested in buying in Greece. To help illustrate the importance of the need for our platform, take a look at the top 10 Countries that have the most Greek Nationals living in them and how we service them.

  • United States3,000,000

  • Cyprus700,000

  • Australia650,000

  • Canada450,000

  • United Kingdom400,000

  • Germany370,000

  • South Africa120,000

  • Russia100,000

  • Ukraine92,000

  • France40,000



We help you, the seller, find buyers from around the world. GPE360.com collects 0% in commission when you sell your property via our marketing services and network. That is correct, 0% commission. Our annual fee covers our administrative costs and you benefit from our international network. It's that simple!

We know how to market Greece, its real estate and its people to an international audience. Our TV show is an example of this - Hellenic Home Hunting.

  • This episode featured a British woman of Greek descent looking for a home investment in the centrally-located city of Larissa. Prospective buyer, Lorraine Eyre, brought along her local friend, Natasha Oikonomopoulou, to help with the house hunting experience. Being a busy businesswoman in the fashion scene, Lorraine is looking for a central hub to buy a house -- allowing for quick access to Athens, Thessaloniki and the airport in Volos.

  • What is Hellenic Home Hunting? Take a look at the intro to get a better understanding. We created a reality television show dedicated to showing the world about the real estate process for foreigners coming to buy property in Greece. for foreigners coming to buy property in Greece.

  • This episode featured an Indian family looking for an apartment investment in the heart of Athens. Prospective buyer, Sudha Nair-Iliades, brought along her local friend and daughter to help with the search. Being a busy editor of a magazine, Sudha is looking for an apartment for her growing family.

  • This episode of Hellenic Home Hunting broadcasted on Antenna Satellite featured an Australian woman of Greek descent looking for a home investment on the Greek island of Mitilini (Lesvos), Greece. Prospective buyer, Helen Robinson, brought along her new American friend, Marlene Kazanis, to help with the house hunting experience.

  • This episode featured a South African family with Greek roots looking for a second-home investment in the Cretan city of Rethymno, Greece. Prospective buyers, Spiros and Vangelio Hadjiconstantinou, were looking for a vacation home to also rent to tourists. The Hadjiconstantinou family found a local realtor using the real estate website dedicated to the Greek property market, www.GPE360.com.

  • This episode of Hellenic Home Hunting broadcasted on Antenna Satellite featured a family of Greek and Mexican descent looking for a villa investment in the city of Edipsos on the island of Evia, Greece. Prospective buyers, Nick and Elena Gountanis, have been visiting the island for years and decided to take advantage of the current Greek real estate market.

  • This episode of Hellenic Home Hunting broadcasted on Antenna Satellite featured a Greek-Canadian family looking for a home investment in the Peloponnesian beach-town of Stoupa (in the Mani region), Greece. Prospective buyers, Bessie and Andy Protopapas, were tired of not having their own place to call home and wanted to invest in a property where they can vacation in the summers.

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