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Galaxidi, Fokida, Greece

Goutos Properties, CFG785

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Land Plot, Land

Styra, Evoia, Greece

Goutos Properties, EES214

5.020 m2
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Agriculture, Land

Aidipsos, Evoia, Greece

Protasis Real Estate, EEA464 | L//172

4.200 m2
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Villa, Residential

Amarynthos, Evoia, Greece

Protasis Real Estate, EEA404

1.200 m2
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Useful Information About Central Greece (Sterea)

Population: 554.426

Lush green forests, imposing mountains, impressive gorges, beautiful lakes and raging rivers compose the unique landscape of Evrytania, one of the most beautiful Greek prefectures. The villages surrounded by steep slopes, springs, waterfalls and dense forests preserve their traditional character, with the cobble-stone pavements and the particular architectural features of the stone-built houses. Moreover, the visitors are attracted by the multiple alternative tourism activities the region offers: hiking, mountaineering, paragliding at the mountains of Agrafa, Tymphristos (Velouchi), Chelidona and Kaliakouda, skiing at the ski resort of Velouchi (mount Tymphristos) and rafting or canoe-kayak in the rivers of Tavropos, Karpenissiotis, Krikellopotamos, Acheloos, Trikeriotis and Agrafiotis. The prefecture of Evrytania shares a border with Karditsa and Fthiotida in the east, Karditsa in the north and Aetoloakarnania in the south and west. We have no information about the Prehistoric period in this region; however, we know that it was named after Evrytos, the legendary king of the town Oichalia. The Evrytanians were renowned for their warrior skills.

Boeotia (Viotia) is a region of natural beauty, remarkable touristic infrastructure and of archaeological interest. The renowned ski resort of Parnassos, the peaceful beaches of the Corinthian gulf, the very beautiful mountain or lowland villages and its proximity to Athens make Boeotia a popular holiday destination throughout the year. The interesting archaeological sites of Orchomenos, Thiva, Plataies and Chaironeia constitute the landmarks of this prefecture. Boeotia borders with Fthiotida to the north, Attica to the south, Evia to the east, Fokida to the west, while it is on the Corinthian gulf to the south and the Evia gulf to the east. The first evidence of human presence in this region dates back to the Paleolithic era.

With many remarkable historical monuments, an exceptional natural beauty and the great advantage of being close to Athens, the Prefecture of Fokida is suitable for longer or shorter, summer or winter holidays. Besides, it includes also the famous archaeological site of Delphi, which the ancient Greeks named “the Navel of the World”. The region of Fokida, first inhabited by Pelasgians, Aeolians and Dorians, shares borders with Fthiotida to the north, Aetoloakarnania to the west and Boeotia to the east, while to the south lies the Corinthian bay. Website of the Prefecture of Fokida: Fthiotida has Skiing and snowboard at the ski resorts of mountain Parnassos at "Fterolakka”, “Kellaria” and “Gerontovrachos”, which are located at 17, 20 and 23 km to the north respectively.

Aetoloakarnania is the biggest Greek prefecture. During the recent years, the region has known great tourist development due to its magnificent natural beauty and excellent climate. Lagoons, rivers, lakes, mountains, gorges and sandy beaches with clear blue waters compose this region’s landscape, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Aetoloakarnania shares borders with Evrytania, Fthiotida and Fokida to the east and Arta and Karditsa to the north, while it is on the Ambrakikos bay to the North, Patraikos and Corinthian one to the south and the Ionian Sea to the west. 

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