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Perdika, Thesprotia, Greece

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Preveza, Preveza, Greece

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Useful Information About Ipeiros / Epirus

Population: 358,698
Total Area (Square KM): 9,203

Ioannina prefecture is a mountainous area in the NW end of Greece. Its natural wealth and cultural heritage have not been spoiled by thoughtless human intervention. The prefecture is ideal for the nature lovers. Imposing mountains, deep gorges created by impetuous rivers with crystal clear waters, rare wild flowers, alpine fields, mountain lakes, forestall slopes and quiet valleys compose a beautiful natural environment and an ideal biotope for rare mammals, birds and aquatic animal species. Thanks to this environmental diversity, the area is ideal for people who search adventure and offers facilities for all kind of sports. At the same time it is a place that offers tranquility and relaxation away from the stress of the city, ideal for people who seek peace and quietness. A history that revives in its religious and archeological monuments, traditional settlements, watermills and bridges and is live in its customs, traditional music, feasts and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Here, the sacred place of Dodoni and cities of Molossoi flourished at the antiquity. The monasteries and churches, places of worship and spiritual uplift which are full of frescos are scattered all over the prefecture, as witnesses of its development during the Byzantine times and Ottoman occupation. From ancient times this area connects history with legend, cultural creation with civilization and arts with folk tradition. Humanist scholars taught in area schools and created a sublime tradition in education and arts, which continues its development in our days in new, modern conditions. The whole prefecture is famous for its cultural tradition. Silversmiths and goldsmiths, wood sculptors, folk painters, stone craftsmen, weavers and many others even today create amazing works continuing the long lasting tradition. The gastronomic tradition of the prefecture is also rich and is based on the usage of biological products. Meat cooked in a special way, tasteful pies, homemade bread, famous cheese and wines compose the traditional menu. Ioannina prefecture is ideal for unforgettable vacations all year long and invites people of all ages to meet its amazing beauty and people’s warm welcome.

The prefecture of Arta contains imposing mountains covered in spruces, fertile plains, roaring rivers and lagoons with important ecosystems. It is one of Greece's most beautiful regions and is located between the Tzoumerka mountain range and the Amvrakikos gulf. It makes up the north-eastern part of Epirus. The varied scenery of the prefecture combines the beauty and harshness of the Greek mountains with the gentle and shallow beaches of the gulf of Amvrakikos and the fertile valleys of the Arahthos river.Prefectoral Self-Government of Arta

The prefecture of Preveza is located in the south-western part of Epirus and combines mountainous and semi-mountainous scenery with fertile plains, rivers and the rich flora and fauna of its lakes and sea. The rivers of Louros and Aherontas, the Ziros lake and the lagoon of the Amvrakikos gulf compose an important and internationally recognized ecosystem. The prefecture's important archaeological sites and its integral tourism infrastructure attract visitors to the area. Today, the prefecture of Preveza embodies ancient Kassopia and the Aherontas valley from ancient Thesprotia as well as the area of Parga, which was called Eleatis in ancient times. The first signs of life in the area date back to the middle paleolithic age. Findings from the neolithic age were detected at the Lakka Souli region. The prefecture borders to the north with the prefectures of Thesprotia and Ioannina, to the east with the prefecture of Arta and to the south and west with the gulf of Amvrakikos and the Ionian sea respectively.

A rough and mountainous region, Thesprotia is located in western Pindos and extends to the sea. Sandy beaches, crystalline waters, untouched nature, important wetland habitats and impressive mountains all compose an attractive destination for alternative tourism. Furthermore, visitors will also have the chance to visit important cultural monuments situated in impressive scenery, such as the historical village of Souli. Thesprotia borders with the prefectures of Ioannina and Preveza while the Ionian sea lies to its west.

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