2,262 Peloponnisos Properties
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Land Plot, Land

Ermioni, Argolida, Greece

Goutos Properties, PAE480

4.000 m2
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Building, Commercial

Dimitsana, Arkadia, Greece

Re/Max Ependisi Akiniton, PAD362 | 1047

280 m2
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Maisonette, Residential

Kranidi, Argolida, Greece

Goutos Properties, PAK748

250 m2
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Detached House, Residential

Kranidi, Argolida, Greece

Goutos Properties, PAK497

200 m2
Map of Peloponnisos

Useful Information About Peloponissos

Population: 3,812,330
Total Area (Square KM): 3,808

The Prefecture of Corinth is the first one that a visitor runs into, as he comes from Attica and is well-known for the great variety of choices it offers: charming massifs, beautiful coastal areas and significant archaeological sites for sightseeing. The beaches of Korinthiakos, Saronikos and Loutraki are quite developed from a tourist point of view. The arable land of Corinth is fertile and its inhabitants are also in, agriculture, cattle-breeding, poultry farming, light industry and tourism. The Corinthian raisin is famous in the region

The Prefecture of Achaia, one of the largest of the Peloponnesus region, in terms of its area and population, is full with remarkable mountainous and coastal landscapes. Here one can find the mountains Panachaikos, Helmos and Erymanthos as well as some of the most beautiful beaches of the Corinthian Bay. Achaia is one of the most historical regions of Peloponnesus and the coastal gateway of Greece towards Europe. 

The Prefecture of Elia combines mountain and sea and it has notable holiday settlements, with thick sand, deep blue waters and pine trees that reach up to the sea, elements that make a unique landscape for holidays, sun and swimming, while the most important archaeological sites (Olympia, Ilida) attract tourists from all over the world. The ancient city Elis had the oversight of the Olympic games and was once the center of the region during ancient times. After the siege by the Francs (1210), Elia became the center of the Principality of Moreos and enjoyed great prosperity.

The Prefecture of Arcadia is geographically located at the center of Peloponnesus, has large mountains (Maenalus, Parnon and many others) and is washed by the Argolikos bay and the Myrtoan Sea. It presents remarkably varied natural contours , landscapes of unparalleled beauty, areas of extreme archaeological interest and historic locations. It was first inhabited by the Arcadians, one of the most ancient tribes of Peloponnesus, who created great cities.

Even with a one-day excursion from Attica, travellers can find themselves in amazing places, historical sites and picturesque coastal settlements. In summer, the internationally-known Epidaurus Festival with its theatrical performances attracts many people. From the coastal resorts of the prefecture access in the cosmopolitan islands of Hydra, Spetses and Poros is very easy. The tourist infrastructure of the prefecture is particularly developed and transportation is very good. Argolida is inhabited since the Mesolithic period, however it reached its peak during the Copper Age period, with as its center.

Laconia is a major tourist destination, which combines well-known sights, such as the medieval Mystra, the tower city of Monemvasia and the tower houses of Mani, with landscapes of exceptional natural beauty, such as the Diros caves, Mt.Taygetus and Cape Tenaro. It was already inhabited from the Paleolithic and the Neolithic periods, whilst later the tribes of Leleges, Achaeans and Iones were settled. 

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