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It\'s not just the design or the building, not just the object, the decoration, the landscape, the room, the working environment or the lighting, but the matching of all of them, it\'s the conception, the creation, the ability, the perception, the right planning and designing that can offer us a better quality of life. Designing correctly it\'s about proportion, proportion is the guide, the correct lines, the movement, the textures, the lighting, the installation, the environment and all together are the guiding forces for an outcome functional, beautiful, economical which will represent us regardless if it\'s about a jewelry, a residence, or an entire residential complex. Our work must be modest, without pompous statements and slogans but still leaving it\'s mark in space and time. Everything is a matter of choice and for that to work properly it needs knowledge, opinion, patience, consistency but most of all it needs to take risks in our choices. We as a team, we made our choices with total respect for the needs and the demands of every project giving that “plus” without exaggerations and useless demonstrations of opinion and talent. Obviously these choices can be realized in different ways and we are given various paths, we just think that we chose the best of all and not just the least taken. This is what really makes the difference.

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